Before and After: My happy place organized

Sometime in the past year I decided that I was a much happier, nicer, less stressed version of myself when I allowed myself time to write. With two kids and a husband, sometimes the problem has been where I can write, not when.

I created a little happy nook for myself months ago (I’ll have another post on all the things that make it my happy place later). Since I keep my laptop here that means I not only write in this space, but I also pay bills in this space, plan our vacations in this space, check email, the list goes on and on. It’s gotten…messy.

I’m going to put my mess on display.


You’ll notice my overflowing trashcan, a camera bag, Target bag, piles of notebooks, my daughter’s brush (I did her hair in here this morning), my new copy of Writer’s Market, all the things. It’s a mess.

Since I finished writing my book and am now having a few folks read it, I have a writing to-do list. The problem is I’m so distracted by all the piles of things that I can’t seem to prioritize anything (which is not like me, I’m pretty spectacular at prioritizing AND lists). So I headed over to Target today (another happy place) and purchased a shelf to house all my notebooks and binders.


I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.  I like that the shelf is tall enough between the middle one to have binders standing up. And when my daughter walked in a few minutes ago she said “Oooh oooh, looking good in here”, so it must look better.


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