Book Review: The Key to Extraordinary by Natalie Lloyd


At my son’s school book fair a few weeks ago, I picked up The Key to Extraordinary, by Natalie Lloyd. It was listed as being appropriate for my son’s reading level, so I grabbed it. The back cover describes a girl named Emma, whose ancestors all have had an Extraordinary Destiny that came to them through a dream.

I really enjoyed this book. While the story line had some sad elements, the relationships between characters and this notion that love never leaves you kept the story from being overly morose. The way the author described everything was so vibrant that I felt I could imagine what the Boneyard Brew tasted like, or how the graveyard (a common location in the book) looked. It was easy to imagine that I was part of the story, and I think my son would also greatly enjoy this book.

The characters were rich and multi-layered. There were lines that struck such a chord with me that other books I’ve loved were brought to mind. One of my favorite things said in the book was, “We’re lucky, you and me. To have people who love us more than wishing stars.” I bookmarked that page and a few more. The way the author tackled fear and courage was very relatable. Overall, a great story and quick read.



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