When I need a laugh

If youtube had been invented when I was younger, I would have been glued to the computer non-stop. I remember when we bought our first computer. I was in middle school. Then, as a college freshman I realized my roommate’s computer would allow me to record my voice and use different functions to make it sound different. That kept me entertained for HOURS. I’m someone who can always amuse herself. I find the weirdest things funny. After watching one of my favorite videos that always makes me laugh, I thought I should devote a blog post to sharing some of my favorite youtube videos. I will preface this by saying that I find it especially funny when people fall, myself included. I fell going up the stairs in my dorm once and laid on my face laughing for several minutes while people stepped over me. So for your enjoyment, here are some of my favorite videos to watch.

The Grape Lady. My sister first shared this with me and it’s funnier every time I watch it.


Hotline Bling but with Donald Trump’s head. This one showed up in my Facebook newsfeed. I watched it probably 20 times the first day I saw it. It’s one of those weird things that I find ridiculously funny and can’t stop looking at.


I’m not going to ruin this one by describing it. It’s unbelievable.


Finally, one that was so good it makes me want to do it myself. While trying to learn a dance with a friend, I mistakenly came across this guy in his underwear singing “Work Bitch” By Britney Spears. It’s.so.good. I can’t put into words how watching this will make you feel. And because he made so many of these and I love them all, I’m going to add a bonus video in.


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