Bad Habits

I have a few bad habits that I’m working on. The top two are my soda intake and eating after dinner/before bed. I know that those two are contributing to my lack of weight loss and also my stomach issues. I’ve been without my gallbladder since 2012 and it’s caused problems a majority of the time since then. The only exception to that was when I was eating much healthier, exercising hard and on the regular and drinking lots of water. I’ve been plagued with nausea and other issues for a few months. I know it’s my eating habits.

So I’ve been trying to drink more water. If I absolutely have to drink something other than water while eating out, I’ve been trying to choose sweet tea. Still not great, but a much better option than soda.

I’ve also (only since Monday) been not allowing myself to eat after 7pm. I have been guzzling water in an attempt to drown out the sounds of my stomach. It’s been growling so loud I imagine it’s yelling at me to feed it. The first night I was so hungry I wasn’t sure I could sleep.

The second night my husband sat across the room sneaking apple slices so I wouldn’t seem him. But I could HEAR him because he eats so loud. Sigh.

Then last night, I’m drinking my ice water when the delicious smell of popcorn wafted over to me. I snapped my head around to see him walking to his seat with a giant bowl of popcorn. I was able to make it through the rest of the night without hurling anything at his head or making myself a snack, so I call that a win.

What bad habits do you wish you could rid yourself of?


One thought on “Bad Habits

  1. I’m with you on the eating at night, I haven’t mastered getting that under control but changing to a healthy lifestyle is a process right? Congrats on not killing him, that in itself it a huge accomplishment!


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