Spring Breaking

Next week is Spring Break and we are never the family that goes out-of-town. It just doesn’t happen. It seems like we always have something going on the weekend before or after that keeps us from being able to get away, that and of course the budget.

This year for vacation we are taking a road trip to New York. We are trying to save up for that so a trip over Spring Break isn’t in the cards. As a result I’ve been coming up with things that I could do with the kids around Nashville. If you are local to the Nashville area, here are some things my kids enjoy:

We’ve lived in Nashville since 2006 and never been to the Country Music Hall of Fame. We’ve always wanted to go but the tickets are a little pricey. This Spring Break, they are offering a free admission deal for kids and $10 off admission for parents!

Another place that my kids really enjoy is the Nashville Zoo. We are members so we go throughout the year. Since we’ve been quite a bit, we usually take a leisurely pace and don’t try to rush through and see everything. There is a restaurant on site that has pretty good food, and sometimes we just pack a lunch.

On Tuesdays, the local Carmike Cinemas have Stimulus Tuesday. All their treats, drinks, and a small popcorn are $2 each. You can get even more bang for your buck if you go during the cheaper times from 4:30-6pm daily when tickets are much lower.

Some of the other things we enjoy doing are: taking our bikes and heading out to one of the greenways around Nashville; going to a puppet show at the Nashville Public Librar, walking the pedestrian bridge and grabbing lunch; seeing what is on exhibit at the Frist and taking in the kids’ art area and the Adventure Science Museum.

What do you have planned for Spring Break?


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