WFD Wednesday: My kids actually eat this, mostly.

I struggle to find foods that my kids will eat. The older one is more adventurous and will try most anything. The younger one is very picky but will usually always eat “chicken”, we eat a lot of chicken. Sometimes our chicken is made from pork or very occasionally, beef.

I’ve made this particular recipe a few times now. I found it after searching for recipes that use chicken thighs after reading that most people don’t realize they are pretty good for you and the skin is the real problem.  I’ve also come to have an obsession with roasted carrots and I’m eating more carrots than I ever thought possible.

So what did I make? The recipe is Oven-Roasted Chicken Thighs with Carrots and Yukon Gold Potatoes. Check out the link to see it for yourself. The folks over at Epicurious have won me over with this one. I did change-up just  a couple of things. For one, I used 8 chicken thighs instead of 6, because I try to get two dinners out of it. I also forgot that I usually don’t leave the veggies in for so long because they burned a little at that temp for the time suggested in my oven. My oven cooks everything a little wonky so that was my bad. Here are some pictures of what it looked like:

You’ll notice that there is spinach on my plate. To go with the Epicurious recipe, I also made Paula Deen’s Creamed Spinach recipe. I did just a couple of things differently for this one as well. I bought my spinach in bags, so I’m not sure if I used more than I was supposed to or less. Between my oldest kiddo and myself, we inhale this stuff so I wanted to make enough that we’d have leftovers the second night. I also didn’t use any onions. I didn’t have one on hand and I really think it is amazing without the onions. I’ve been a Popeye fan since a kid, so I’ve always loved spinach.

How did I get the kids to eat it? I pull the chicken off the bone for them and give the little one some ketchup. I also never call the potatoes, potatoes. They are french fries. FRENCH FRIES! She will happily eat those (with ketchup as well). She tried a carrot but refuses to eat it, so I usually give her some fruit. The big one doesn’t like the potatoes (see what I’m dealing with?) but will gladly eat the carrots and will cut you for the creamed spinach. As long as they eat some of the meal then that’s okay. We don’t make double meals in this house. I try to make an effort to have something in each meal that everyone likes but I’m not making everyone a different dinner.


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