Being from the South, I have all sorts of phrases and words in my tool kit that folks from other parts of the country might not understand. Many of the phrases I know, I never use. However, my grandparents had really different words for common objects and situations that I loved hearing. There are certain things that I’ve always used the wrong word for. Once I had kids, and they started saying things wrong, my vocabulary expanded. Some of the words my kids said wrong, they now say the correct way but I don’t. I use their old word or pronunciation.  Here’s my list of words that I say wrong or different:

Vomick: To throw up

Betwinxt: Between (betwixt is actually an old word for between, so not far off)

Scoatch:Small amount

Gore: Girl (kid word)

Diamond room: Dining room (kid word)

Fowlers: Flowers (kid word)

Lease: Leash

Oh-up: Up

Squinched: Put out (as in, that water squinched it)

Biddie: Judgey old woman/rude old woman

Old folks home: Skilled nursing facility (when I’m at work I refer to it the correct way)

Thee-dee-er: Movie theater (kid word)

Cafkay: Cafe (kid word)


I know there are more, I’ll have to update this list as more come to mind.




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