Kid Review: The Last Kids on Earth, reviewed by Harrison, age 8

I read books that I buy my big kid, especially ones that I buy for him that he then refuses to read. My review of a book is going to be much different than his might be. So I had the idea to interview kids to get their take on their favorite books or books they’ve read recently. This is the first interview in that series.

The first book reviewed is The Last Kids on Earth, written by Max Brallier and illustrated by Douglas Holgate. Harrison, age 8, was interviewed about the book.

What’s the book about?

“There is a monster apocalypse and some of the kids stay home and battle monsters. But most people in town go west where the army is there for safety.”

Who was your favorite character?

“The main character, Jack.”

What did you like about him?

“He was the most adventurous one. He went to different parts of town and everyone else stayed in shelter.”

Who was your least favorite character?

“There was a boy who was really strong. He was a bully and only cared about himself.”

Was there any lesson you learned while reading the book?

“If someone is lost and you think they might be dead, you should still look for them. Because they might not be dead.”

How would you describe this book to other kids?

“It’s funny but sometimes can be scary. They go on lots of adventures. But sometimes they say ‘crud’ so their parents might not like them reading that part.”

Would you recommend this book?



My take: Admittedly, I didn’t read the entire book. He brought the book home and asked me to read with him a few nights at bed so I read a chapter here and there. It kept my attention and left me wondering what would happen next. From my googling of the author, I see that he was a past game designer. He also writes for Uncle Grandpa and Steven Universe, two favorites around here. It’s no wonder that my kid was over the moon about this book. I’m happy to see that he has other books that we can pick up because I find it hard to find books that are on his reading level but also appropriate.



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