It’s been too long since I’ve written anything, although I did edit some the weekend before last. My stress is through the roof and I’m busy, busy, busy these days.

Less than 20 days ago, on the way to eat breakfast after Easter service at church, we were joking about how instead of eating Cracker Barrel, we missed eating brunch at Last Resort Grill in Athens, GA. It’s always been one of our favorite restaurants. We even had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding there! That one little memory sparked a discussion about how we could move anywhere we wanted with the hubs’ job since he’s a consultant. Out of curiousity while waiting for our food, I looked on to see what houses were going for. It looked doable. So we talked some more. Was this something we wanted to look into? What would be the pros? The cons?

My sister and nephew live in Athens, GA. My mom lives an hour away. My step-sister and her family live about an hour and a half away. And some of the best friends I have still live in that town. When we go back there to visit, it still feels like home to me. We have even more friends who live in the Atlanta area in general. It wouldn’t be like moving to TN was, where at first we were isolated and had no one but each other. It would be like moving home, in a sense, even though where we are now feels like home as well.

So, we got in touch with a realtor, and planned a weekend trip for a couple of weeks later. Nothing was definite we wanted to feel it out and see what we thought. We got into town Friday afternoon and immediately started to see houses. The 2nd house we saw, I loved, as much as I can love a house since I LOVE my house in Tennessee. We continued to look and then the hubs found a house he liked.

He was resistant. He has friends in TN that he loves, a workout buddy, we don’t pay state income taxes. There are definite things that are better in some sense about living here. There’s no doubt. But my sisters, my nephews, my family is there. I’m always torn when I think about it. My kids are both going to be in Elementary school this Fall. A school that I love, with people working there that I love. They are now both in swim and they love their coach. Their doctor, dentist, love, love! And their friends. They have the best, sweetest friends. I have agonized over this.

As we are doing all this, I see my nephew and my son playing together, laughing, loving each other. And my heart jumped. I grew up with my grandparents being no more than 30 minutes away. I won’t start on that because I’ll cry. I spent lots of times with cousins growing up.  It makes me sad. I want more for my family, for my children. I’ve made some friends here that are more like sisters, family to me. And I love them more than I can put into words (another post for another day, also because of the crying). But I knew that for me, this move felt like the right move.

Our first offer on the house hubs liked was rejected. We offered on another house, the one that I saw our family in. And it was accepted. We listed our house two days after we came home. The following day we accepted an offer.

I’m one of those weirdos that believes that what’s supposed to happen usually does, if you just have a little faith. I gave this up to God. I prayed for Him to put us where we were supposed to be. I’m sad for what we will be leaving behind, but optimistic that we will find things and people we love in our new home.  And I hope that our TN friends will come to visit us. We’re even buying a new sleeper sofa so there will be room for parents and kids.

So all this to say, for those that didn’t catch my accidental vague-booking when I shared the sneak peek of our house listing (hadn’t slept in a few days and didn’t realize the convos it would start), the Milligans are moving to Georgia. By the end of May we will be residents of Oconee County GA. Georgia friends, get ready, you know you are all excited!


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