What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. Except strep. And maybe pink eye?

Last week, I traveled by my lonesome, took two planes and landed in Las Vegas to meet one of my bestest friends (and a couple other besties) to celebrate her birthday. I had saved for months and months to get enough money for this girl’s weekend. I was ready.

I hate flying and was ecstatic when my new PCP gave me a script for Valium along with the anti-nausea patch. I quickly realized that I love flying when on Valium. I slept most of the 4 hour flight (except for when I suddenly woke up to order a fruit and cheese plate from the flight attendant and then ate it like a starving rat). The downside was that I felt pretty dehydrated and crappy until I was able to guzzle enough water to make things right.

I arrived a few minutes early and met up with the rest of the girls. Vegas was about what I had expected. Crowded, sparkly, expensive. It was really cool to see all the different hotels. Even though the restaurants we ate at were well above my normal spending, the food was impeccable at each place. Aside from the questionable hot dog I ingested on day 3, the food was all really amazing.

We saw Absinthe the first night. I was seriously exhausted. If we had seen any other show I would have been passed out snoring. But this show was so funny. So inappropriate. And just the thing to wake my tired butt up.

I made some realizations about myself during my stay in Vegas.

I really, really, really hate cigarette smoke. I love Bingo. I hate Bingo. A casino full of fair games is pretty much THE.BEST. Blackjack? No thank you. Slots? I’ll pass. Games that are made to trick me into spending more and more money until I finally berate the poor teenage attendant into telling me all the secrets of winning so I can walk away with a pink stuffed seahorse? Yes! DING! DING! DING! DING!

I get the most excited about things that other people wouldn’t care about. Example:IMG_2935 A purple stuffed unicorn won for me by my friend. Or said friend treating herself to a sparkly ring. Or free champagne. Or a pretty bathroom. Or Bingo.

Vegas was fun. I enjoyed dressing up and honestly I had so much fun. I laughed more in 4 days than I’ve laughed in months. As a destination? It was on my bucket list. I’m so very glad that I went. But I think that I’m probably good never to return. It’s not like any future trips would come close to this one?

One of my souvenirs was strep. I put off going to the doctor 2 extra days to save money so I could use employee health. I packed all day long from the day I came home, only taking 20-30 minutes to rest each day. No wonder I felt like death. I finally got antibiotics on Friday. For the first couple of days I thought it was a mixture of having cotton mouth from the Valium on the return flights and all the cigarette smoke making my throat dry. Nope. Strep. Oh and I woke up with an itchy goopy eye. So I’m pretty sure I now have pink eye too.

Back to packing!


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