It’s morning time!

It’s morning time…Morning time is here!

I was taking the dog out to the bathroom this morning. It was before 7am. I had an arm full of recycling and as I tried to hold onto the leash she pulled almost throwing me inside the recycling bin. Thanks girl!

Brushing myself off, I walked back over to the driveway and pushed her prissy butt into the dewy grass so she could go to the bathroom. I took a deep breath and looked around as she sniffed and pulled on the leash. The sun was out but the air still had that little bit of chill that it does in late spring. Birds were chirping all around me and in the distance a dog barked.

I looked up and saw a lone jogger run by up the hill. I closed my eyes and took another deep breath and remembered why I love mornings so much. This feeling, this quiet new-ness of the day before anything has a chance to go to crap. That’s where it’s at. I’ve always been a morning person. I’m a light sleeper so once I’m up, I’m up. And since having kids, forget sleeping in. Recently both kids were at a sleep over. We slept until 6:45am. I’m not joking.

So, on this morning, before anything had a chance to go to crap, I looked around taking in the sounds of the birds. Appreciating the sparkle of the dewy grass. And watching a mama bird go and get worms from the neighbor’s backyard and then fly back to the tree close to us and feed her babies in the nest. The sky is blue and the air is invigorating. Morning time is here….It’s morning time!


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