Kid Review: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, by Megan age 10

This is the second kid’s book review in my series of books reviewed and read by kids. Megan is this week’s reviewer. Megan is 10 years old but reads on a high school level so she often has the issue of finding a book that is interesting to her yet also appropriate for her age.


Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein

What book are you reviewing?

-I’m reviewing “Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library” by Chris Grabenstein.

What made you choose this book?

-My librarian recommended it to me because I couldn’t find any other books that were my reading level and that were appropriate.

What was interesting to you about this book?

-I think it’s interesting that it’s this giant library filled with all this amazing technology. And it’s the coolest library in the world.

Who was your favorite character?

-My favorite character was Sierra Russell.

What would you tell other kids about this book?

-It’s a book about books. It has lots of references to other books and all of them are really good.

Would you recommend this book to other kids?

Yeah. There are these puzzles with pictures. And you can solve them before the book says the answer and it’s really fun. I did that with most of them. Some of them are really hard though.

Does this book remind you of any other book?

I think it reminds me of Alice and Wonderland because it’s just really amazing and fun. And there’s a surprise around every corner.

-Was there a character you didn’t like? Who and why?

I didn’t like Charles Chillington probably because he’s supposed to be pretty much a villain. He’s not like gonna ‘destroy the world’ villain but he pretty much despises Kyle Keeley, who is the main character.

-Is there any question that you wanted answered that you didn’t get answered?

I think I want to tell other kids that this book, it’s just really opens your mind and I wish that all libraries could be like Mr. Lemoncello’s library.


Chris Grabenstein has written for both children and adults. My son, Harrison, has read several of the books that he co-authored with James Patterson! It was exciting to learn that he also grew up in Tennessee. Both Megan and Harrison enjoyed that little tidbit.


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