I tend to overextend myself. I think I can get more done than I can, or I’ll even get it all done but I’ll be exhausted afterward. No one tells me to do these things. I do them to live up to my own image of how I expect something to be. I’m a classic self-saboteur.

We load our house up a week from today. A week. From today. All week I’ve been packing. The more I pack, the more stuff I see. It’s somehow multiplying. I think all my stuff has turned into Gremlins and someone is pouring water on it.

This week I decided that I HAD to re-finish some furniture for my sweets. She’s been using my great-grandmother’s bed for quite some time, but she doesn’t like it. It’s too tall! It’s not pretty! I’ve promised to buy her a beautiful step stool, the kind that opens up so you can put stuff inside it. You know, the kind princesses use? I have planned to paint it but just haven’t gotten around to it. I got it in my head that it had to be done before we moved so that we could set her room up as soon as we move in. I kept thinking I’m just going to want to unpack everything and then lay on the floor. I’m not going to feel like painting furniture. So I made myself crazy and sore and tired and painted my great-grandmother’s bed and my grandmother’s dresser. There’s a mirror that attaches to the dresser but that bad boy is going to have to wait until we move.

I used Southern Honey chalk paint. I’ve used it several times. I like it, the colors are nice. For the bed I did a coat of pink (Loretta) and then two coats of off-white-ish (Blanche). It probably needed 3, but since I did the dresser first and did 3 coats on that I was over it. Then I used a coat of clear creme wax that I found at Home Depot. I actually really liked it. It didn’t end up sticky after I applied it. I think it was supposed to buff it once it dried but it wasn’t sticky and I was happy with the level of sheen, so I didn’t. I’ve always wanted to age something with dark wax. I’ve been skeered. I bought some of that from Home Depot as well. After a coat of clear, I then took a chipper brush and dipped it in the dark wax (I used brown), in the clear wax and dabbed it onto a clean paper plate. I used the brush to apply it and then a clean rag to wipe it off.

For the dresser, I painted the entire thing 3 coats of the Blanche color. The drawers I used a grey color and Loretta (pink) again. I put two coats of clear on the dresser (I wasn’t over it at that point) and then used the dark wax combo to age it as well. I don’t have a before picture of that because I’m scattered brained and I forgot.

You’ll notice that there’s a gap in the wood box on the left. I didn’t attempt to fix it. I thought about it afterward, but since there’s a good chance that she’s going to cause me to have a stroke by coloring all over the damn thing anyway, I said screw it.


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