Shadow Cat: The legend. The hunting. The haunting.

Hidden deep in the forests surrounding a little town in Georgia, there lives a creature so vile, so evil that few dare to go near him. He is the Shadow Cat. Who is lurking in the shadows when you come home late at night? It is Shadow Cat. When you can’t sleep, you hear a noise and fear makes its way up your spine, what is waiting for you? It is Shadow Cat.

Many moons ago, before the town was a town, there lived a lonely, sad man. He had lost his wife to disease during the fall of the previous year. The couple never had children. Once his wife died he was alone on his farm. The farm was many acres. When the man felt the great sadness overtake him he would walk the farm. Hours and hours would go by and then man would simply walk in silence. At the very edge of his farm there was a creek hidden by trees. The man would go to the creek. Sometimes, if the mood would strike him, he would take off his shoes. The man would wade in the water, closing his eyes and feeling the coolness of the water running over his bare feet.

During one of his lonely walks, he came to the creek and saw a curious white shape lurking behind a tree. The man waded in the water and then sat upon a large rock. He felt the creature watching him. The man looked toward the tree and saw the white shape move, ever so slightly. After a few more moments of the man watching the creature and the creature watching the man, the man realized the creature was a cat.

The man smiled and began to call for the cat, coaxing him over. The cat sat, still watching the man, not moving. The man began to walk toward the cat. The cat remained still until the man was about a foot away and then the cat ran off into the woods. The man stopped, surprised by the immense sadness that filled him. He had been alone for so long. He went back to his rock and sat. Tears flowed down his cheeks and his shoulders heaved with sobs. He thought of his wife and cried for her. He thought of his lonely life. When all the tears had been cried, he put his shoes back on and walked out of the forest, away from the creek and back through the fields. Sitting in the shadows between the trees, watching the man, was the cat.

To be continued…


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