The Move. Part 1.

Things have finally gotten to a point where, mostly out of sheer exhaustion, I am taking a break to sit down and rest at night once the kids are in bed. Figured it was time to write about all the moving things and what not.

We were very fortunate to have two sets of very good friends who offered (or said yes when we asked) to let our kids spend the night when them and hang out for a portion of the day we loaded up our stuff in moving trucks. We were in pretty good shape packing-wise but needed to clean the house. I (mistakenly) thought I would try to clean as things were taken out of the house.

I was afraid that we had too much to fit into one moving truck. I had been getting rid of things, nick nacks, etc for quite a while. We had sold some furniture. But we had a lot of boxes. We had a 5 bedroom house with two eating areas and a bonus room. And we had furniture to fill all those spaces. It’s a lot. We reserved a 26 foot moving truck and a 6×12 trailer to pull behind it.

The movers were great, they did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend Diamond Movers if you live in Nashville. We started to panic that we wouldn’t have enough room when half the truck was full. I called UHaul to see if they could install the electric part to my tow hitch so I could tow a trailer with my Pathfinder. They said they couldn’t do it that day, so I nearly started to cry, the guy put me on hold and then came back and said to get there as quickly as possible and he’d do it.

There were some house buying issues but that could fill a book, so I’ll just say our realtor was already sucking (our buyers agent, sellers agent was amaze-balls). I take the big kid and we go and get my tow hitch ready and rent yet another 6×12 trailer. I get home and they are ready to load it up already. It’s after 5:30pm at this point. I immediately go and start cleaning the house. I had tried to clean most of the rooms the few days before, but inevitably there were little pieces of things that fell off when they were carried out, etc, so by 7:30pm I was still in the house and had not left with my kids for the 6 hour drive that was ahead of us. And it’s worth mentioning that there was still a lot to clean. Finally around 8-ish (I think) I put the kids into the stuffed car with the dog in front on Benadryl and we started the drive to Georgia.

The dog was mostly okay, if I had to do it again I’d opt for the prescription stuff. She kept waking up from her nap and whining so I stopped at two different truck stops to try and take her to potty while watching my car to make sure no one slipped in and took my kids. In the dark. She never used the bathroom, even once. I was slightly annoyed.

The kids slept most of the time but then Ada woke up around midnight and was in one of those half asleep crazy fits. She kept screaming that she hadn’t slept and why couldn’t she sleep. I started saying “who wants snacks?” until she woke up enough to say that she wanted some. So I hit another truck stop, basically in the middle of nowhere off of I-20. At 12:30am. You get a lot of disapproving and strange looks when you take two kids into a gas station at 12:30am, especially little kids. And especially since I was telling them to find a bag of chips and a drink. Whatever, I was trying to survive. Finally, 3:30am we roll up into my sister’s place.

I had to park my car and trailer there, and my mom had driven the hubs’ car and parked it. So then I had to unload the crap from his car (large framed pictures and two old windows) that we had wrapped and put in his car, so that I could then put in all our luggage and the dog food and other things. My friend came and met me, in the middle of the night, as I drug stuff from one car to the other, dropping things at 3:30am in the morning like a crazy person.

Eventually we get most of it in the car and I decide to come back later for whatever else I might need. We get the kids back to her house and everyone is in bed by 4am. Which was great since my friend had to be at the gym at 5:30am to work with her trainer because she had forgotten to cancel. She probably also didn’t realize I was going to leave so late and then drag her out of the bed at 3:30am so that we could fit the dog cage into her car. I wasn’t about to have the dog tearing up her shit.

So that’s the first leg. It was a long, stressful day. I cried a few times. I was so tired driving that I couldn’t really fall asleep once I was able to sleep. There’s so much more to tell but that’s for another time.


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