We came. We helped. We Pokemon-ed.

Our water delivery to the homeless was derailed a few days but this past Tuesday my sweets and I took to the streets. We stopped by our local Sam’s Club and she chose a snack item for us to offer along with our ice cold waters.  It was a comfortable 96 degrees F outside that day.

I brought along our fold up garden wagon to haul the cooler with waters and snacks, so I took a very small crossbody purse and just grabbed my ID, Target card (you never know when you’ll need to stop by Target) and my Discover card. About 10 minutes from downtown I realize I had no cash and the parking meters don’t take Discover.

No problem. I’ll just park in the deck. As we pull in, I don’t see a Discover sticker. We start on our adventure and I find $2 in my shorts pocket. Fast forward to us leaving the deck and the parking attendant’s lack of amusement when I tell her I have no way to pay her because they don’t take Discover. She says to me, “That’s right. We don’t.” Then she scans my ticket and it’s only $2 and myself and my sweets throw our hands up cheering. The parking attendant is very confused but happily takes my $2 and wishes us a nice day.

Prior to our possible parking issue, we walked around pulling the wagon and asking a few (I think maybe 6?) homeless if they’d like some water and snacks. She was nervous and asked me if I would speak to them. Two turned down the snacks but thanked us for the water (not everyone likes Chex Mix, we knew that might happen). Two told us we were awesome and how much they appreciated us thinking of doing such a thing. We had to walk almost the entire length of downtown to find those 6 homeless. We probably should have gone out earlier in the day when it wasn’t quite so hot. Maybe next time we will have better luck.

Before we put our things back in the car, we walked up to the first person we had come upon and asked him if he’d like more water since he had a bag that he could load up. He thanked us again and said he’d love to have a couple but wouldn’t take more than three because he said he wanted there to be enough for others. As we walked back to the car my sweets and I talked about how good it felt to do something, even if so very small, for someone else. We talked about how we might be able to help more people next time. I’m thinking of trying to find an insulated backpack that I could load with cold waters to take with me anytime I go downtown. That way I’m always prepared in case I see someone who might be thirsty.

Then we loaded the car back up and went back to the streets with Pokemon Go. Downtown Athens is ripe with Pokemon. Also, I don’t understand Pokemon. Honestly, I downloaded it on Monday to play with the big kid since I thought it would be something we could do together. But we couldn’t find any in Atlantic Station. My sweets was mildly amused with the app. She tends to be more like I am with those sorts of things though. I’ll have to take the big kid to walk around campus and see if we find more there.


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