Where’s Waldo?

Today started off with the big kid’s first appointment to begin the process of braces. We went to North Campus to find some Pokemon, grabbed some breakfast and then were headed to a local jewelry store I love. He had gotten a shark tooth from the swim team awards and wanted to get it put on some string for a necklace.

The first thing we see is a sign for a Where’s Waldo? scavenger hunt. There was a Waldo hidden in the store and if you found it you could pick a rock. A ROCK?!?!? The big kid is obsessed with rocks. Waldo was located and the difficult decision of choosing a rock began. The store employees told us that they were out of the Passport booklets that you get stamped but that Avid Bookstore had some. Then they told us that there were 25 stores in the Athens area where you could find Waldo.

We hit up Avid (love, love, love this little bookstore) and were provided a Passport. We found Waldo in their store. And next door at Model Citizen. Then the big kid reads the back that says if you find 10 you get a pin and a coupon for $1 off a Waldo book. Okay, we’re definitely getting 10 stamps. We already have two! But wait-if you get 20 out of the 25, you also get entered into a drawing to win a prize package worth $150. The big kid takes after his paternal grandfather on this one. He HAD to get 20 stamps. What was in that prize package? If he didn’t get the 20 stamps he wouldn’t even have a CHANCE!

You can guess how I spent the rest of my day. We started at 10am-ish., aside from the 30 minute break we took when we grabbed lunch at Taco Stand, we were looking for Waldo. We walked over 5 miles today looking for Waldo. Some places we were able to group together and drive to and then walk between. But most were within walking distance of one another. So we walked. In the heat. My God, the heat.

Did we get those 20 stamps? You bet your ass we did. It was fun. Some stores/restaurants were difficult and some were super easy. We didn’t turn in the passport yet. We’re saving that for Friday. FullSizeRender (5)


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