Whole30 Week 2: Feeling less stabby

The end of week one was really tough. The hunger made me nuts and I basically hated everyone. Week 2 started off with me feeling much better. I took a break from the exercise program that I have been doing (BBG). I let myself take all last week off because I felt terrible and was so hungry all the time. I started back up with Week 9 of BBG on Day 8 of the Whole30.

Day 8:


-2 boiled eggs

-Strawberries and kiwi

-Okra and Squash

-Chicken with Primal Kitchen Mayo


-Bolthouse Green Goddess (Remember when I said to look for more info? Yeah I can’t have this. Sigh. So frustrating because I thought since it was mostly veggies it was okay.)

Cauliflower Mash and Creamed Spinach (Really good. My big kid ate both)

Thoughts/Feelings: Felt amazing. Energetic. Awake. Just overall felt great.

Day 9:

-Black coffee (thought I’d try it since the Mocha is so disappointing. More gross. Grosser?)

-2 boiled eggs


-Leftover Cauliflower Mash, Creamed Spinach and last of the Chicken and mayo


Chili (Really, really good)

Thoughts/Feelings: Felt great, energetic, motivated. More energetic than previous days but bloated. Oh.so.bloated. Also, pretty sure I may have left off a snack or something.

Whole30 Cookbook and Outline of Program

Day 10:


-2 boiled eggs

-Cauliflower Mash, Creamed Spinach, Tuna and Mayo

-Strawberries and Kiwi

Jerk Chicken with Mango Avocado Salsa and Cauliflower Rice (very, very good!)

Thoughts/Feelings: Again, felt pretty good. Was somewhat bummed because someone (It was me. I’ll admit it.) forgot to put the leftover chili up before bed and we woke up to a night’s worth of dinner ruined. Very devastating. I’m becoming more excited about food because most of the recipes I’ve done have been really good. I’ll also admit that I’m pretty sure I left out some of the things I was eating because there’s no way that’s all I ate on Day 10. I try to update when I go to the bathroom and walk by my desk but I’ve obviously forgotten a few things here and there. Oops.

Day 11:


-2 boiled eggs

-Taco salad with guacamole, meat, lettuce and pico de gallo


-Chicken salad

-Cauliflower rice

Pineapple whip with a splash of mango/orange smoothie as sweetener (YUM)

-Handful of cashews

Thoughts/Feelings: I woke up feeling tired. Then felt a little better. Then I got a bad headache. Not sure what the headache is from but it was bad.

Day 12:


-2 boiled eggs


-Chicken salad, leftover cauliflower mash, leftover creamed spinach


-Hot dog (kosher with no bun) with grilled onions and fries

Thoughts/Feelings: Felt good overall. After dinner didn’t feel so great. Starting to get really, really over this whole drinking nothing but water. Tried drinking La Croix and it’s just way too fizzy for me. I can’t take it.

Day 13:


-2 boiled eggs

-Pineapple whip

-Chicken salad

-Coconut cream pie Larabar


-Fajita Taco salad (no cheese, no sour cream)

-More pineapple whip

-Pickles (2)

Thoughts/Feelings: Felt very tired and sluggish almost like I was coming down with something. Really wondered if that hot dog and fries was the culprit. Had a little bit of a sore throat starting around lunchtime but I think my sinuses were draining.

Day 14:

-“Mocha” (Somehow it wasn’t horrible)

-3 boiled eggs

-Pineapple whip

-Chicken salad on top of Organic Girl Super Greens


Chicken Meatballs and Root Vegetables with Curry Sauce (meh)

Buffalo Chicken dip with celery

Thoughts/Feelings: My clothes are noticeably looser. I have definitely not felt this energetic in years. I’m able to complete my workouts without feeling dizzy or faint. For some reason I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to work out. I’m sleeping much better. I always have issues falling asleep but not in the past week. And tomorrow is halfway. HALFWAY. I’m making a list of all the permanent changes I’ll be making to the way I eat after this. I am missing properly celebrating my birthday with some cookie cake so on November 9th if you need me I’ll be at the Great American Cookie Company treating myself.



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