This Tiger Blood business

Yes, this is another Whole30 post. As I’m nearing the end of this thing (Day 26!) I keep thinking about this notion that is talked about in the book of Tiger Blood and how some people decide to stay on Whole30 after the 30th day because they don’t want to lose it.

It got me wondering what is Tiger Blood exactly? I took to my trusty Google and of course a Whole30 forum came up. The gal who came up with this program said that when they decided to use this term that was coined by Charlie Sheen in an interview, they meant it to mean that super energetic, powerful feeling. The problem came, she said, when not all people who have done the Whole30 experience this feeling. All of our bodies are different and so we’re not going to all experience this the same way. This has definitely been true for my friend and I who started this journey together. Our experiences have been very different.

I don’t have a Tiger Blood picture. This is me on Day 1 hiking Stone Mountain with the kids.

Over the last week, I would say that Tiger Blood would be an accurate description of how I feel. For at least the last year (maybe longer) I’ve felt like I was walking around in a mental fog. I often felt sluggish, tired in the afternoons. Nearly every single year since having my big kid I’ve gone to the doctor, finally fed up, to have my Thyroid tested again and again. It’s normal. Are you depressed? Well, maybe. But I’ve found that all the issues that were dragging me down are now gone. I’m not tired. My head is clear. My focus is sharp and I’m motivated. Did I mention how great I’m sleeping? How great I feel overall?

As I get to the end of this I’m struggling a little with what to do. I want a little sugar in my coffee. I would like to have some, not as much as before, but some cheese dip and chips when I eat Mexican. I’d like to indulge occasionally but mostly stick to what I’m doing. What if this amazing feeling goes away? What if a little bit of sugar in my coffee means I’m back to fog headed, afternoon tired and sluggish? I’m sure that’s an exaggeration of what will happen but still the thought is in the back of my mind. I’ll be interested to see how the rest of this plays out and how my new relationship with food looks.


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