I’m a loser of things. I put things in places so I will remember and then I promptly erase any knowledge of said location from my memory. I get it from my mother. She was always losing things.  She would go look for something and then it wouldn’t be wherever she thought it was. Then she would go on a rampage around the house muttering to herself, and anyone within earshot, that someone must’ve moved it. Why can’t people leave her stuff alone?

I also get into a fit when I can’t find something except that 99% of the time I know it’s my own fault that I can’t find it. That’s what makes me the most angry and frustrated. I used to lose my keys all the time and then I bought one of those handy dandy key hanger things to put near the door we always come in. Problem solved. I rarely lose my keys now.

My most recent annoying loss of an item would probably be my big kid’s Nintendo 3DS. A couple of weeks before Christmas I was cleaning his room and found it along with the charger. He’s not allowed to have it in his room because when he plays without a supervised timer he loses his everlovingmind and acts like a crazy person. He was breaking the rules and it wasn’t the first time he had been caught sneaking some sort of electronic device into his room. It also explained why we had found him still up at 10pm for several nights.

I became so angry that I decided I was going to hide it so that he never found it. He was at school so by the time he came home I had put it somewhere until I figured out a more permanent hiding spot. Fast forward a few weeks to Christmas. He had asked Santa for a game for his 3DS. Super Mario Maker. We advised the kids that we were going to be scaling Christmas back. They have too much stuff. We’ve spoiled them and both us and Santa need to get on a budget (Santa told me this via email). They understood and asked for one or two things each from Santa and a few books. Christmas morning he asked if he could have his 3DS to play his new game. Then I remembered.

I have no idea where the dang thing is. I looked everywhere. I went through drawers. I climbed on ladders in closets. I couldn’t find it. I gave up and told him to do something else. He’s asked me on the daily if I’m ever going to be able to find it. Finally I told him the truth. I have no idea. It’s gone. I’d hidden it really well. Then a couple of hours ago, the hubs was finally (after at least 3 weeks…) putting up his clothes basket of clean clothes. Guess what was at the bottom of the basket?

A bonus story ↓

Another thing I recently lost was the use of my right foot!

Thank goodness for friends who will pick you up to go shopping!

Before you feel sorry for me, I did it to myself. Being fed up and poor decisions equal breaking both your big toe and your second toe. I’m a hot mess. Apparently the big toe is pretty important so if you break that one and it’s buddy they can’t really help you much. They just wrapped an Ace bandage around my entire foot and sent me on my way. No buddy taping for me. Lessons being learned already in 2017.


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