Whole3o Results and Takeaways

Earlier this week I finished the Whole30. Day 30 was election day. I decided not to blog my diet from the last 2-3 days of it because honestly I cheated basically everyday and rather than devote an entire blog to that I figured I’d just admit it and move on.

I know what most people who are actually reading this and following my Whole30 journey are wondering about are the results I’ve seen.  As far as my overall results with my body, I lost 11.5 inches total and 12.6 lbs. Not too shabby. I will say that for 3 of the 4 weeks I was working out 5 days a week. The first week I took off because I was so hungry.

Other results? I’m sleeping better (not quite as well since I’ve slipped here and there). My energy was way better. Mentally I felt very focused and motivated and the brain fog that I had attributed to being a mom was actually gone. My overall mood was much better.

So what were my main takeaways?

  1. The hide sugar in everything. I do mean everything. Bacon, sausage, pasta, ketchup. I now read labels every time I go to buy something if it’s something I haven’t bought before.
  2. Meal prep is the key to stay on track. Making a batch of chicken salad and roasting veggies on Sunday afternoon so that all I have to do is make a plate come lunch time really helped me to stay on track throughout the week. It also cut down on my wanting to snack because I had enough food to fill me up during lunch.
  3. I’m much more thirsty than I am hungry. I was drinking water when I started this but not nearly enough. Now that I consistently keep a full mug of water to drink throughout the day I’m less hungry between meals.
  4. My eating affects my sleep and how energetic I am throughout the day. The things I’ve noticed are that I’m sleeping through the night (most nights I don’t get up to pee anymore). I’m falling asleep much faster than ever before. When I get up I’m more awake and full of energy. This is something I noticed early on. Since I’ve had some cheating the last week and since I’ve been done I’ve noticed my sleep and energy are the first things to be affected.
  5. My stomach issues resolved themselves pretty much immediately upon starting the Whole30.


While I didn’t follow everything exactly, I feel like (until the end) I stayed pretty close to what I was supposed to. Most things that I really thought I would have a hard time giving up (cheese and soda), I don’t miss. I’m happy to have a sweet tea and a water when eating out. The sweet tea is my cheat that I’ll allow myself. I like how I feel. My clothes are much looser. I’m completing workouts easier. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so for me continuing on this track as best I can is worth it for that reason.

This is the view during my daily walks. One thing I really love about my new hood is all the trees and how pretty they are. 

Whole30: Day 22-28 Almost Done.

Only two days left after today. I’m ready. I’d like to be able to add in things here and there and not feel quite so restricted. I have been thinking a lot about my food choices after this is over and am waiting on my copy of Food Freedom Forever to arrive. (edited: It came today as I finished up this post! Yay!!)

Day 22:


-2 boiled eggs

-Baked potato with ghee

-Avocado chicken salad

-Strawberries and kiwi

-Applegate hot dog and oven potato fries

Thoughts/Feelings: Tiger blood. Energetic, focused, feeling all sorts of great.

Day 23:


-Scrambled egg


-Chicken Salad and Avocado oil chips

-Spanish cauliflower rice, Romaine lettuce wrap taco with guacamole and pico

Thoughts/Feelings: Tiger blood again!

Day 24:


-3 scrambled eggs with ghee

-Chicken salad on spinach

-Apple with cashew butter and coconut

-Taco lettuce wrap (2)

-Avocado oil chips

Thoughts/Feelings: TIGER BLOOD!

Day 25:


-2 scrambled eggs

-Chicken Salad

-Strawberries with kiwi

3 ingredient coconut cookies (These were pretty good. Although the vanilla is not compliant)


BBQ Chicken and Baked potato with ghee (Chicken was cooked in the crockpot with just broth and then I made the Whole30 BBQ sauce that was in the book. It was okay.)

-More cookies

-Avocado chips

Thoughts/Feelings: Initially great, then later on nauseated and just feeling blech. I ate after dinner which I have been avoiding for about a week. I gave into my craving for snacking and it definitely wreaked havoc on me.

Day 26:


-2 scrambled eggs with ghee

-Chicken salad over spinach

-Roasted squash

-Apple with cashew butter and coconut

-Pineapple whip

-Handful of cashews

One brownie square (4 ingredient–not compliant because of sweetener in it, Stevia. While not allowed, they were very good)

Thoughts/Feelings: Tiger blood. Feeling like I’m caving in on doing allowing myself a non-compliant item here and there. Granted it’s a very miniscule amount but still.

One of my accomplishments. Cleaning out the laundry room.
Aside from the gross wall color, this is one of my favorite rooms. All the kid’s school and swim stuff is neatly organized. There is plenty of room to wash and hang dry our stuff!

Day 27:


-3 eggs with ghee

-Tacos on Romaine

-Burrito Bowl (Forgot to tell them to put it on lettuce instead of rice but avoided as much of the rice as I could. Cheated and had 3 chips with queso on them.)

-Protein Brownie

Thoughts/Feelings: Felt good overall most of the day. I got a lot of things checked off my to do list. I had a slight headache early on. After dinner I felt bloated and gassy.

Day 28:


-2 scrambled eggs with ghee

-Buffalo chicken dip and celery

-Apple with cashew butter and coconut


-Blue Apron Meal (switched the mayo they sent with my Primal Kitchen mayo so it would be compliant)

-Protein brownie (cheat because the protein powder while non-whey has Stevia)


Thoughts/Feelings: Tiger Blood again. I checked off some things from my to-do list this weekend that have been put on the back burner since we moved 5 months ago but have been causing me anxiety and irritation on a daily basis. Things are now organized and neat and I feel less stabby.

Whole30: Days 15-21 So close. Yet so far away.

This week started with lots of good thoughts and positivity. The Whole30 book says that most people who quit do so on day 21 or 22. Yeah. I get that. Not because I can’t do it. Not because I want a Twix so bad I’d sell my own kid for one. Those things aren’t even true. My friendster said it best “I’m bored”. I’m bored with my foods. I would like to mix it up but most of the minute ways I’d mix it up involve something I’m not supposed to have. So, I’m digging my heels in and finishing the darn thing so I can have a little more variety.

Day 15:


Aidell Chicken and Apple Sausage with two boiled eggs

-Chicken salad on super greens

-Strawberries and kiwi


Coconut Cream Pie Larabar

-Zoodles and Tomato sauce (Whole30 recipes)

-Peach Sparkling Water


-Buffalo dip and celery

Thoughts/Feelings: I woke up feeling alert, awake and energized. I had bad sugar cravings today. I just wanted something sweet.

Day 16:


-Two boiled eggs and Aidell’s Chicken and Apple Sausage

-Chicken Avocado salad and roasted potatoes

-Strawberries and Kiwi


Keba sandwich innards with fries and homemade ranch dressing and unsweet tea

Thoughts/Feelings: I was alert and focused. I felt motivated and energetic. Then I ate dinner. After dinner I had stomach cramps and was bloated. I think fries might be the culprit. Noted.

Day 17:


-Two boiled eggs and Aidell Chicken and Apple Sausage

-Avocado chicken salad, roasted potatoes, strawberries

-Chicken thigh, riced cauliflower and broccoli with Coconut Aminos

-Apple with cashew butter and unsweetened coconut flakes

Thoughts/Feelings: My stomach felt gross all day. Thanks fries! However, I felt very focused and motivated again. I also think it’s worth noting that I HATE almond butter. I just really can’t stand it. However, I love cashew butter. Especially this cashew butter (see link above). It’s very creamy. Yum.

Day 18:


-Two boiled eggs and Aidell’s Chicken and Apple Sausage

-Roasted potatoes, roasted carrots and avocado chicken salad

-Leftover cauliflower rice and chicken thigh

-Two detox cookies (I used almond butter instead of peanut butter. I also used Cacao powder instead of cocoa powder. These things could be the reason behind why mine looked like this)

Detox cookies. My friend said they look like dog turds.

Thoughts/Feelings: Very gassy. Felt awake in the morning and become tired as the day went on. Also I put too much sea salt on these cookies.

Day 19:


-Two boiled eggs


-1/2 Apple Pie Larabar

-Buffalo dip with celery


-Spaghetti Squash and leftover Whole30 tomato sauce

Thoughts/Feelings: So gassy. My stomach felt iffy all day. I’ve never used a spaghetti squash before and it was perfect with the tomato sauce. I really enjoyed it.

Day 20:


-Two boiled eggs


-Avocado Chicken Salad


-Chicken kabobs, greek salad (no feta) and potato salad grilled at Zoes


-Coconut Cream Pie Larabar

Thoughts/Feelings: I had a headache the first part of the day. I felt great the rest of the day because two of my favorite people spent the day with me doing fun things including dressing up in costumes!

Day 21:


-Two eggs scrambled with spinach, bacon and oven red potatoes at Last Resort

-Apple with cashew butter and unsweetened coconut flakes

-Salmon, greek salad without feta and grilled vegetables at Taziki’s

Thoughts/Feelings: Started the day with another headache. I suspect my allergies and sinuses are to blame. Felt pretty great the rest of the day, which was awesome since it was my birthday! Dinner was great and I will definitely be back.


Dare I say that I’m in the home stretch?? Single digits now with the countdown. I’m ready.

Whole30: Week One. My body is eating itself.

I’m going to be super honest about how this is all going down. I always appreciate when I’m going to try something new and I can find info out on the interwebs from people who have gone through it. I’m going to preface my weekly posts by saying that there are a few things I’m not following religiously. The first is that if something is cooked in peanut oil (a no-no) at a restaurant, I’m just going to pretend I didn’t know. I’m also not going to start over if that happens. I’m a grown person. This is hard. I feel like I’m starving to death. Whatevs. I’ve also been weighing myself everyday due to the fact that I’m certain I’m slowly starving to death. You’re not supposed to do that. There goes my gold star. Okay here it goes. My daily eating habits and then also how I felt each day.

This is from the Whole30 instagram page. I recommend following them since they often post recipes. 

Day 1:

-Coffee with unsweetened almond milk (It’s so gross you guys. I swear I’m drinking watery vomit.)

-Scrambled eggs

-Strawberries and kiwi

-Bag of mixed nuts and raisins for snack

-Grilled Chick-fil-a nuggets (they put SUGAR in the freaking nuggets. SUGAR!? Why?)

-Roasted chicken thigh, roasted okra and roasted squash.

Thoughts/Feelings: I felt okay. I was tired by the end of the day but we had climbed Stone Mountain with the kids.

Day 2:

-Coffee with unsweetened almond milk (Still gross)

-2 mini egg frittatas  (Not bad. Not bad)


-Salad with balsamic vinegarette dressing (Maple Grove brand)

Dole whip (Not bad. I was struggling and it helped.)


-Winter Potato, Kale and Sausage Frittata (SkinnyTaste recipe. It was REALLY good. I omitted the cheese to make it Whole30 compliant. Big kid even ate it)


Thoughts/Feelings: I felt TERRIBLE. I did nothing all day. I thought I might be getting the flu. I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I was so tired I actually took a nap. I never do that.

Day 3:

-Coffee with unsweetened almond milk (You know my thoughts. Still gross)


-2 1/2 muffin fritattas (Over these. The texture of reheated eggs is not something I’m liking)

-Shredded chicken with avocado oil mayo (This saved me. So light but tasted good. You can’t have regular mayo and I read about this stuff on another blog so I ordered some from Amazon. The Publix stores here carry it so it’s worth a look if you don’t want to wait.)

-Mason jar salad

-Strawberries and kiwi


-Roasted Chicken thighs and roasted squash (leftovers)

Buffalo chicken dip with celery (Another time that a recipe discovery saved me. I love this recipe. I used the avocado mayo and it was great.

Thoughts/Feelings: Down 3 lbs by Day 3. Very hungry. Very cranky. Hate everyone and everything.

Day 4:

Mocha (Less nasty than the plain coffee. Still not great.)

-2 boiled eggs

-Mild Italian sausage

-Buffalo chicken dip with celery

-Strawberries and kiwi

-2 servings of Winter Potato, Kale and Sausage fritatta leftovers (Told you I was starving)

-Green grapes


Thoughts/Feelings: Sluggish. Later in the day I felt slightly more alert. I know people are thinking if you feel like you are starving eat more. Tried that. I got super full and felt like I might have gone too far and then 30 minutes later I was starving again. It’s like I’m breastfeeding again but without the nipple irritation.

Day 5:

-Mocha (Less milk this time. Still not loving it but it was better. Going to add some cinnamon tomorrow to see what that does)

-2 Sweet Potato Banana muffins (These are okay. They would be good with a little sugar. I used a lot of cinnamon but they are still somewhat bland.)

-Chicken mixed with Primal Kitchen mayo


-Carrot sticks and Paleo Ranch (The ranch isn’t bad.)

-Mixed nuts

-3 boiled eggs

-Buffalo Chicken dip with celery

-Green Goddess Bolthouse smoothie **I’ll tell you more about this on Day 8.

Thoughts/Feelings: I didn’t write anything down so I must have just been surviving.

Day 6:

-Mocha (added cinnamon, slightly better)

-2 sweet potato banana muffins


-smoked half chicken with crinkle fries.

-Mixed nut pack

-Taco Stand taco salad with only lettuce, beef and guacamole (very filling and actually had taste)

Thoughts/Feelings: Cranky. Hungry.

Day 7:


-Scrambled eggs with spinach, breakfast potatoes and bacon (at Last Resort Grill so I’m sure the bacon had stuff I wasn’t supposed to have because it was amazing).



-Shrimp and homemade oven fries

-Buffalo chicken dip



Thoughts/Feelings: I made it a week. Only 23 more days.

There were a few days when I stuffed as many raisins down my throat as I could and obviously I’ve failed to record those. There is sugar in everything. That’s one of the big things I’ve noticed. I haven’t gone to bed nauseated or with stomach pain since the day before I started. That, for me, is enough reason to stick with this until the end and figure out what the heck is making me feel so crappy. I’m optimistic that I’ll be back on a healthy eating track after this but that I’ll let myself have the things that keep me from feeling ragey. Like sugar in my coffee.

Healthy Lunch: Chicken Enchilada Bowl with Cauliflower Rice

I’ve been trying to get on the get with being healthy. I somehow managed to gain freaking 10 lbs (yes, you read that correctly) over the course of the move. Putting me at my heaviest weight (not counting pregnancy). I’m uncomfortable. I’m tired.

I started a fitness challenge and am on my 3rd week of that, but my eating has been crap. As my friend Sonya likes to say, I’ve been “treating my body like a trash can”. Eating crap, whenever, however I can get it. Dinners I meal plan for so I find them to be somewhat easier. Lunches are where I struggle. After dinner and at night while watching TV is another struggle, but that’s for another time.

I started pinning the shit out of healthy lunch ideas for adults and decided to start planning my lunches like I do with the kids. I bought all kinds of healthy crap that I can throw together. One recipe I pinned that would make enough for more than one lunch intrigued me so I gave it a go.

Cauliflower rice? I’m sure I’m late on discovering this was a thing (as I am with most food trends). It was super easy. Didn’t take nearly as long as those damn zoodles do. I used this recipe.

I threw a pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts in the crockpot for 4 hours on low with a can of mild red enchilada sauce. I put it in after dropping the kids off and it was ready by lunch time. Yass! Then I started on the rice. I bought a bag like this because I’m lazy.


Then I cut some of the florets in half so they weren’t as big and threw them all in my Ninja. I pulsed 15 times (per the recipe) until it was about the size of couscous.

So far I was impressed. Mainly because anytime there is an instruction to do something until something else is a certain consistency, I eff it up. I took a skillet and sprayed with a shit ton of cooking spray (also per the recipe) and then threw the cauliflower in. I let it cook for about 4 minutes and then put in those things on the right (plus salt which isn’t pictured). I used 1 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp garlic powder and 1 tsp chili powder. The lime juice and cilantro I guessed.

I also opened and drained a can of black beans, a can of corn (in hindsight I wish I had grabbed some fire roasted corn), chopped up some tomato and an avocado. I put the “rice” in a bowl, threw some of the now shredded chicken on top, added in my toppings and just a tiny bit of Colby Jack shredded cheese.

It was SO GOOD. I was honestly super surprised at how good it was. Especially the rice. It was so fragrant and flavorful. I even told the hubs to eat it and he agreed that it was really good. I even have enough of the meat and toppings to make another meal out of this (maybe two). Luckily I bought two of those bags so today I will be making another batch of rice to go with my nuked chicken. I’ve now pinned a bunch of other cauliflower rice recipes because unlike the zoodles, I didn’t think it required near as much work and turned out way better than I had hoped.